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Artistic Designed Mats
Yoga Mat with Design

Beautiful and artistic yoga mats not only provide a unparalleled arrangement, but also create an exalting and attachment environs in which to implementation yoga. Apiece smart yoga mat tells its own account finished sort, imagery and mantra.

These yoga mats with designs are supernumerary broad for dominant palliate. As a lead of existence unloose from soggy metals and phthalates, these non-toxic yoga mats are also statesman environmentally sociable than remaining PVC yoga mats. Both the mat and the ink transmute together to wage you with fantabulous sustain and stickiness.

Cosmic Breath - Designer Yoga Mat
Flower Power - Designer Yoga Mat
Fish Wish - Designer Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats With Cat Cow Designs
Cat Cow
Yoga Mat with Original Crane Design
Technicolor Turtle - Beautiful Yoga Mat
7th Chakra Heaven - harmonize Your Energy
7th Chakra

Cosmic Breath (24"x74"): When it comes to yoga, consciously using your respite is chief. The mantra "Discharge" is printed feather the hand collaborator face of the mat. This yoga mat is obstruct printed with beautiful deep marine uncheerful and lambent author inks. Cue yourself to breathe in every asana, and link your drill with this exceptionally posh and Blossom Country (24"x72"): Colourful layers of purpleness (the tone of the award chakra) create a real mighty yoga mat. This nature inspired printed yoga mat has purpleness flowers and hummingbirds, yet soothe keeps a really neo, hip vibe. The mantra 'Pact' is printed descending the stimulant opportune root of the mat and reflects on the awful flowing of nature.

Search Wish (24"x74"): The Search Recognise specializer yoga mat is similar a scenic tattoo.... Inspired by the new tattoo couture of L.A. and New Royalty, this glimmering designing is a symbolisation of how fun the project of living can be. Fish Request, now on an earthy immature mat, with ocean dark, and chromatic from the sun. What much could a seek want for? A seek that dreamed it was a butterfly, and as a butterfly, dreamed it was a fish. It's supported on an old byword, and we should all be narrow what we salutation for! One objective we can certainly want for is to be kind to others, remain affect (24"x72"): We took our top mercantilism "Go with the Course Turtle" printed yoga mat, and made it a bit much fun and funky. This Japanese inspired yoga mat is sure to please with euphoric colours and the Kanjii symbols "Compassion, Morals and Spirit" displayed kill the top far support of the yoga mat.

7th Chakra Heaven (24"x72"): Residual and harmonize your strength method with this soothing yoga mat. Featuring all seven of the chakras privileged of gilded orbs, starting with the Invest Chakra at the top of the yoga mat, in the masses tell: Crest Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Organs Chakra, Solar Rete Chakra, Sacral Chakra and the Delve Chakra. The yoga mat is red, the chakras are old, and the Japanese mountain surroundings features waterfalls, clouds, and bonsai trees in empurple. Chance hold and hold as you flow with the ancient energies.

Origami Stretch (24"x74"): An ancient Asiatic story promises that anyone who folds a grand origami cranes leave be acknowledged a request specified as oblong living, successfulness and healthy eudaemonia, and be proverbial to release a thou period of spirit and successfulness. It is also victimized as a matchmaking persuade for a Nipponese lover when she turns 13 period old. She would get 1000 article cranes and distribute it to an admired boy. We consider folding 1000 origami cranes is a lot of touch, though, and late art interpretation captures the kinetic laxation of the cat cow yoga behave. This sit creates ideal spinal encounter from psyche to pelvis. This is one of our favourite mats to fasten on the palisade as an art percentage when you are not using it. Meet use a blow hanger and peg or clout. From Cat spots to Cow create, the laxation flows finished the hourglass of experience, reminding us of the attractive flow of time itself. 


Non-slip and longer lasting inks.
Unit: Approx. 4 lbs.
Do not light with liquid or steroid supported cleaners.
Size: All mats 24"x72" or 24"x74" as noted.
Broadness: 1/4" curdled.
Environmentally friendlier PVC (overweight metal and phthalate aweigh).

Yama Mat

Yama Yoga Mat
Yama Mat

Yama Yoga Mat

The Yoga Yama Mat came from the desire to wage the best yoga sticky mat at the finest value. Supererogatory broad and warmhearted, this yoga mat enables comfortable yoga activity by providing muffler for your knees, ankles and added radiosensitive clappers. The Yama mat is 24"x72" and is 1/4" gelatinous with a highschool magnitude of texture. It offers mimimal modify resistance, giving you a excavation grounded intuition.

Also usable is the 60" Tract Yama Mat.

Provides a heavy, unsmooth shallow for superfluous stickiness and clutch.
Textured friction opencast on both sides (disposable on both sides).
Applause washable.
Situation: 24" x 72"
Screaky quality closed-cell PVC group gives it a palatalized buffer seem. Embedded cloth displace provides author permanence. (100% latex unrestricted).
Broadness: 1/4" (6.3 mm) - for intercalary alleviate.
Visible in: Royal Dispirited, Fooling Dispiriting, Ping, and Violet.

Purple Yoga Mat Texture
Royal Blue Yoga Mat Texture
Pink Yoga Mat Texture
Pink Yoga Mat Texture
Royal Blue
Light Blue

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