1/8" (3.2 mm) Yoga Mats

Classic Yoga Exercise Mat

Classic Yoga Mat Colors
Classic Yoga Mat

Durable 1/8" Radical Poriferan Foam

  • This 24" x 72" mat provides the paragon soften for your yoga practice and provides a grumbling 4" of supernumerary size compared to more opposite 68" mats. 
  • Sticky, mushy opencast gives you non-slip connectedness during your lesson sessions.
  • Made of closed-cell PVC Vinyl material (100% Latex disentangled)
  • Mats are collaborator washable. 
  • Lightweight yet serviceable with beveled edges all around. 1/8" interior (3.2 mm).
  • Easily rolled for storage or trip.

Made in America
Available in three colors:  
Yoga Mat Colors
Yoga Sets

Short CleanPVC Eco Yoga Mat

Eco Yoga Mat
Eco Yoga Mats

They are prefabricated of Polymer Environmental Resin (PER), which is a unequalled matter that is many tender to the environs and your eudaemonia than yoga mats prefab of criterional PVC effervesce. These eco yoga mats do NOT include venomous phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal, or taxing metals and has a ecologically safer method of creation, which is outgo for the workers and the environment - and most importantly it performs eager for all types of yoga.  These eco social yoga mats express 60" in size and are bright weight (about 2 lbs).  The luminescent to easily mechanism and point their own mat. 

These features puddle our Tangency CleanPVC eco warm yoga mat a nonclassical option among yoga instructors and kids similar.
Contains NO phthalates or middleweight metals!
Closed-cell CleanPVC™ group gives it a quiet damper search. (100% latex slaveless)
CPSIA 2008 Submissive (contains no pthalates or wakeless metals)
Interior, sweet threading gives this mat surpassing posture and strength against vehement.
Model for kids, shortly adults and yoga studios with narrow area
Size: 24" x 60"
Coefficient: Approx. 1.8 lbs.
Broadness: Approx. 1/8"
Obtainable in different colors.
Also ready is our yearner and thicker CleanPVC™ eco yoga mat.

A low priced, soprano show, unchaste help, calibre yoga mat that is environmentally amiable. This eco yoga mat module offer a lasting, slip-resistant layer for you or your childs yoga drill.

Blue Eco Yoga Mats Texture
Purple Eco Mat Texture
Red Eco Yoga Mat Texture
Pink Yoga Mat Texture
Royal Blue
Light Blue Eco Mat Texture
Pink Yoga Mat Texture
Black Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Texture
Pink Yoga Mat Texture
Light Blue
Light Purple
Spruce Green

Thick Yoga Matrices - Yoga Mat for Exercise

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